Circus Spirit

The Circus Spirit


The Circus Spirit is part of the Sundays at Six program of St James's Church located in Piccadilly Circus. Our goal with the group was to create an open space for 20s and 30s to explore ideas, beliefs or lack of, without agenda. Check us out on Facebook and Twitter.




Though our ragtag group of five-to-six individuals had a sense of the group's purpose, we needed to articulate our raison d'etre for ourselves, and for the audience we hoped to gather. I helped shepherd us to a more provocative statement of purpose:

If you have a fire in your spirit that’s burning to talk frankly and debate freely about spirituality, God, life, relationships, sex—you name it—then you belong at the Circus Spirit. Operating somewhere between faith and blasphemy, we offer an open space for those of us in our 20s and 30s to explore what we believe, without agenda or judgement. 


Design system

In the fall of 2015 I designed our logo, which has evolved into a full brand system for the Sundays at Six program. 

As a group designed to explore difficult conversations, I designed the brand to speak to a simple idea of coming together, in something a little off-kilter and unusual. 


Pairing a minimal color palette of lime, black, and white, with the versatile and ever-friendly Source Sans Pro, I create a brand that instigates, intrigues, and inspires.


The best part about this brand is to see it come to life organically, with a team of over-extended young folks looking to create a safe space and sense of community that helps to make meaning in a chaotic world.


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