Coursera Design

Assignments for Coursera's "Design: Creation of Artifacts in Society" and a selection of assignments for General Assembly's "User Experience Design"

copyright © Alicia Fowler 2016



Assignment 1.4 - Design for you (P)

This assignment is:

1. A one sentence statement of your gap.
2. Your visual expression of the design.
3. A photograph of your prototype."

My gap is: A social travel guide that helps me travel like a local while on vacation by tapping to local social media reviews. This is also listed on My Gap page.

Below is my sketch to develop an app that solves this problem, as well as a prototype of the app itself. (Click on the photos to see the full size.) 

Image sources can be found here: Duke's, Sheekey's, Barbour.

Sketch of my app with notations.

App prototype