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Assignment 7.1 - Beta prototype

1. GAP

I am addressing the following: a service that helps users travel like locals while on vacation. You can read more about my gap, and its exploration in Week 2.


  1. The service is easy to use
  2. The service helps me locate the places to visit 
  3. (!) The service makes me sound like a local
  4. (!) The service makes me look like a local
  5. The service uses “reputable” information
  6. The service allows for open exchange between users
  7. The service can be accessed in multiple ways
  8. The service is fun to use
  9. The service helps users plan a vacation


My service will be called Trot. I derived this from globetrotter, and I prefer how simple "trot" is to something like "globe-trot".  Other names I considered are listed in this matrix. I created these names using a mix of simple words, combination word forms, evocative words, and phrases related to my concept ("When in Rome, do as the Romans").

Naming matrix

Neighbur was a close second, as were Wander, Voyapp and MyVoyage. I previewed these five names with others who were interested in my service. Based on the feedback I received, Trot and Neighbur were quite good. The simplicity of the name Trot, and its similarity to globe-trotter were more favored more highly than Neighbur. None of the names that passed the matrix were super-evocative of the "recommended by locals" concept, but they did engender a sense of travel or community which people liked. And while is not available, but is, which I would use for my service. 



Last week I made my prototype as an app, enough this service could be a website or a general business. Before you click through my prototype, a few notes:

  • Please make sure to click around. Use the three lines at the top left to get to the "menu".
  • Links are generally found where you see RED type.
  • I couldn't always make a link red, so click around or notice if your cursor turns blue. If your cursor becomes blue, you have found a link.
  • I can't get rid of that "flash" between screens. Ideally, my app wouldn't flash, but that's part of the free service I used.

Here is a link to my beta prototype:

If you have trouble with the link, you can view the photos in the gallery below. 


This service is still very much in development! To further refine the prototype, I would need to get a group of locals together to play with the app, create their own guides, and browse others. I am sure that I need to work on the functionality of the app, but my ideal refinements would involve making the service "smarter", and more adaptable to the user. 



Please click on the first image to enlarge it, then click on the arrow on the right to view the rest of the images. These are screengrabs of the app. 

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