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Assignments for Coursera's "Design: Creation of Artifacts in Society" and a selection of assignments for General Assembly's "User Experience Design"

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My previous coursersa design course work

In 2013, I participated in "Design: Creation of Artifacts in Society", taught by Karl Ulrich (Penn) via Coursera. The class taught me how to think with big "D" design, that is, always solving for a user need. I highly recommend the class. If you'd like to follow my course work, the posts are below. And it's probably helpful to establish that course focuses on solving a particular gap that we students experienced in our daily lives. My gap focused on travel guides:

My refined gap is:  a service that helps users travel like a local while on vacation. Check out my first ever prototype here in Assignment 7.1. Discover my other service ideas in Assignment 3.1. And finally, learn more about the user needs I identified in my Assignment 2.2, found here.

My original gap was:  A social travel guide that helps me travel like a local while on vacation by tapping to local social media reviews. You can read more about my first prototype in my Assignment 1.4, found here.


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