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3-2-1-0-Blast off!

Annnnnd, I'm back! 

Hello and welcome to my (re)kicked-started blog. I wish I were fancy (or disciplined?) enough to tell you my editorial calendar, but let's just start with potential topics you'll read about if you choose to peruse this blog frequently:

  • Semantic pedantry
  • Marketing nonsense
  • Spacey-wacey stuff (must love Doctor Who
  • And probably some ill-formed attempts to derive practical career or business-learning insights from arts&letters

And I'm trying to write more frequently for our FutureBrand Blog, so from time to time, I'll link to those articles as I write them. And what luck have we! I just wrote one last week about, well, space of all things. Here's a snippet from the longer article:

"In the 41 years since man last set foot on the moon, a new generation has been preparing its own route to space. But this path will democratize, and likely commercialize, space travel in far reaching ways. In fact, your postman could count his name among the likes of Neil Armstrong and Yuri Gagarin. Three factors—policy, infrastructure, and culture—are aligning to make consumer space travel a reality before the end of 2014."

In case you missed the link above, here's the link again: http://fblog.futurebrand.com/by-2014-your-postman-could-be-an-astronaut/ 

If you want more detail about any of the topics in the post, just drop me a line. The single best thing to see is actually Chris Hadfield's (ISS) water experiment video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8TssbmY-GM

This is Alicia Fowler, signing off.