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Social links round up 11 Aug 2013

I was a little too busy last week, but I managed to share a few nuggets, especially related to branding. Read on!


Hold the logo! 


TBWA advert

TBWA advert

In its new French adverts, McDonald's agency TBWA employs a fascinating technique that underscores not only the power of branding, but how our brains work. The campaign features the classics we all know: Big Macs, french fries adorned by golden arches, sundaes, etc. And hardly a McDonald's logo to be found in fact, leading AdWeek to claim McDs thinks its needs only the product, not the branding. But that's a little foolhardy, if you ask me. That the food and its wrappings are so iconic we know both without any logo, actually demonstrates the power of branding, and the power of pattern recognition for our brains. 


Write on, right on! 


This short and sweet article list five common mistakes marketers make when crafting brand messages. Frankly, these truths apply to any kind of communication. The basics are:

1) speak with your audience in mind 

2) use real words, not jargon

3) keep your message simple so others can share it

4) get people excited! 

5) avoid having too many cooks in the kitchen


¿Me escuchas? 


J.Lo at the Viva Móvil store opening.

J.Lo at the Viva Móvil store opening.

Small plug for my own blog post. Earlier this week I noticed J.Lo's new partnership with Verizon popping up around the neighborhood. The idea of creating a Latino-oriented wireless store (note, this is not a new carrier) comes perhaps at a great time. Perhaps even over-due. Hispanics represent 16.7% of the US population and are the nation’s fastest growing ethnic group (source: US Census). I expect we’ll see more services like Viva Móvil popping up soon.


Well, there's the door.


Two small encrypted-email providers decided to shut down this week rather than release customer data to the government. Talk about putting your money where your mouth is! For numerous reasons as the article points out, these providers have an easier time sticking by their customers than behemoths like Verizon and Google. But they are a lesson in good branding:

Whatever your company's "purpose" (branding speak for something akin to a vision), you better stand by that purpose. By eschewing scale, these providers could remain nimble enough to live by their promise to their customers. Even if that meant closing shop.


This week in Instagram

I'm still on my #100daychallenge and as I'm nearing the end, I've been wondering what to do next. I'm considering doing something like Monet's Roeun Cathedral series. We'll see. 


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