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The moon's siren calls

Sometimes—if you're lucky—you can see stars glisten amongst the night sky in New York City. Amid the broadway lights and the bat-signal, a few far oft-worlds beckon us near. And yes, forty years ago we finally made it to our closest neighbor, the moon. Today, I happened upon two space related stories that I thought I'd share.

  1. As the better science students among us will remember (aka, not me) the moon wasn't always with us. And in fact, her proximity to us has profound effects on our world—and even our notion of time. Because I am neither scientist nor storyteller, I invite lose yourself in last month's Radiolab podcast.
  2. If you've ever gone swimming, you know the buoyancy of water feels a little out of this world. And if you're an astronaut, water is about the best prep you'll get this side of the moon. Not just prep for space walks, but underwater interviews too! Catch the BBC interview Tim Peake, a British astronaut, as he trains for space and thinks about the great beyond.

Happy Monday!

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