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NASA gets social

NASA might be the coolest unbrand-brand out there. Not only has it had two sweet logos, it actually *gets* social media. Which is a lot to say for any company, let alone a government agency. 

And boy are they doing something cool today. For one day only, they're hosting a photo NASA Social. What is that you ask? It's "an event for photo fanatic social media followers". They invited 15 photo social media gurus to NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md to snap away to their hearts'—and followers'—content. All photos are tagged with #nasasocial making the 15 lucky people evangelists to a much larger crowd of nerds like myself.

The result? An awesome look inside the space center.  

Have a look for yourself! Just search #nasasocial on twitter or Instagram for today's event. Or follow @nasasocial on twitter. In fact, just follow NASA wherever you can. And learn more about NASA Social and upcoming opportunities!

 "Meatball" logo used from 1959-1972 and 1992 onward. 

 "Worm" logo used from 1975-1992. 

 "Worm" logo used from 1975-1992. 

What a cool tapestry. 


Note, NASA did not pay me or support me in any way. I just like NASA. Also I updated this post to reflect the fact that NASA Social is an ongoing effort, not just today's photo session. #awesome.