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Hello, 2016

How long do we have to keep saying Happy New Year? My birthday is January 31st, so I feel like everyone should just be wishing me a Happy Birthday instead of a damn new year. New years come regardless, and for the crazy physicists like Brian Greene they have always been and will always be—listen to this trippy Radiolab on time—but me getting another year older ain't no fait accompli.


With new years and birthdays, it's good I suppose to take stock of the previous year and establish some goals for the days ahead. Those who know me well know that 2015 was a tumultuous year. As Veronique put it:

I know a lot of depressed, crazy, alcoholic, 28 year olds and a lot of well adjusted 29 year olds.
— Veronique (somewhat misquoted)

Yeah. Twenty-eight was a bit shit. Identity crisis. Partner gone. Friends lost. Family broken. Cry, sob, talk, repeat.

Fuck. It. All.

But. Eventually. A light shines in the darkness. 

2016 will be that light. 

2016, no pressure, but I expect great things from you. And friends, here's what you can expect from me:

More listening. Need an ear? I'm here. I'm good at it too.

You’re a really active listener.
— Joe (a real person!)

More talking. This time in full sentences that begin and end definitively. Filled with real anecdotes about my life. No more pleasant "I'm good, how are you?" when all I really want to say is "Today I was so angry in a meeting wanted to punch a hole through a wall; but I also laughed so hard I cried when I read this father's tweets about delivering his newborn baby at home." 

Accepting your polite offers. Next time you say I'm welcome to come anytime, well you know what, I might just take you up on it. A colleague I barely knew offered me her couch in Sydney, Australia—and I went. If I hadn't said yes, I never would have got to know the amazing wonder that is Kate and this spectacular view.

View from Bondi looking into the ocean

View from Bondi looking into the ocean


Presence and presents. I'm going to try, though I am clearly failing, to be more present in the moment. And to shower friends with compliments and real gifts.

Travel. This year I'd love to go to Machu Picchu. And Belfast. And maybe do the Camino de Santiago. 

Do. Make. Say. Think. Yes, that's the name of one my favorite bands from college but I think it's also a nice mantra. This year I plan to jump in, to create, to form an opinion and voice it. On any subject. Maybe even every. 

Study. This year I take the GREs. And complete another Coursera class or two.  

Volunteer. Giving back in acknowledgment of the unwarranted abundance I've received.



Night has passed and the day lies open before us. Time to set some hearts on fire. 

Hello, 2016.