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Assignments for Coursera's "Design: Creation of Artifacts in Society" and a selection of assignments for General Assembly's "User Experience Design"

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Assignment 1.1 - Good Design (X)

Cordies by Quirky

This assignment is:

"Consider the artifacts you use regularly. Do any of these artifacts evoke a reaction of "I love this" every time you use it? Think about this question during the coming week. Create a blog post for the assignment and post a photograph of the artifact and a short explanation of why you love it."

Meet my favorite artifact: Cordies by Quirky. I use an external monitor at work, and consequently have a lot of plugs. I'm constantly going to a meeting with my laptop, so each time I unplug, all the cords fall back behind my desk. This artifact helps not only keep my cords organized, it's weighted so that when I unplug all the cords they stay in one place and don't fall behind my desk. Now I can unplug with ease and keep a tidy desk! (Click on the photo to see the full size.)

Image source can be found here.

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