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Assignments for Coursera's "Design: Creation of Artifacts in Society" and a selection of assignments for General Assembly's "User Experience Design"

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Assignment 5.1 - Concept Testing


1. The concept you are pursuing, with whatever refinements you have made to date. 
2. A short description of the process you used to test your concept (or concepts) with target users. 

1. GAP

I am addressing the following: a service that helps users travel like locals while on vacation. You can read more about my gap, and its exploration in Week 2.


  1. The service is easy to use
  2. The service helps me locate the places to visit 
  3. (!) The service makes me sound like a local
  4. (!) The service makes me look like a local
  5. The service uses “reputable” information
  6. The service allows for open exchange between users
  7. The service can be accessed in multiple ways
  8. The service is fun to use
  9. The service helps users plan a vacation


In Week 4, I created two prototypes. To test which of those I would pursue, I created a few polls. First, I asked people to pick one of the two prototypes. Then, I measured "purchase intent" by asking them how likely they would be to use the prototype they suggested.

By a very, very, narrow margin (two people), my test group preferred Prototype B as seen in this chart on the right. I learned that people really liked the idea of receiving trips planned by locals as that would save time searching for places, while also helping users find fantastic local places to visit.

Aside from learning which prototype people prefer, I also learned that many people would use a travel service that helps them travel like locals. Both prototypes received high scores on the purchase intent survey, as seen below. This gave me great confidence that I have identified a gap that many others share. 

Prototype A purchase intent results

Prototype B purchase intent results


Based on the feedback I received, I am pursuing Prototype B that features itineraries planned by locals. I'm refining some aspects for the service based on the feedback I received. I am also considering how to balance the differences in users desire for control and for recommendations. Click through the images below to see the prototype and its refinements.

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